I'm retired and no longer making knives.
Please enjoy the pictures, notes,
and the 5160 Club page.


Clubs I'm In

5160 Club: A knife makers club that meets monthly in Eugene, Oregon.

OKCA: The Oregon Knife Collectors Association: People who just love "things that go cut!" Fun monthly meetings in Eugene, Oregon. Amazing knife show every April.

ABS: The American Bladesmith Society: A national group that has a certification program for bladesmiths - puts on great training workshops in Old Washington, Arkansas - and a massive annual show in Atlanta, Georgia.

A Scattering of Suppliers

Texas Knifemaker's Supply: Like the name says - general go-to place for tools and supplies. Good bar stock selection.

Woodcraft: the Eugene store has been great to us. Tools and supplies from sandpaper to table saws to chisels to exotic woods to finish waxes.

True Grit: I go there for sanding belts but you can get machines, mosaic pins, some steel, and more.

Speaking of mosaic pins - browse Sally Martin's selection. Good people - quality work!

MSC: Tools, parts, instruments - if you haven't found a source, look here for "industrial supplies."

Pacific Machine & Tool: Wide range of steel. I've ordered from them and been satisfied.

Crucible may have gone through bankruptcy, but CPM steels (plus D2, 154-CM, etc.) are available again through Niagara Specialty Metals and also through SB Specialty Metals. Niagara even has a page dedicated to "knife steels."

Admiral Steel: I have not bought direct from these folks, but I know others who have.

For "jewelers' supplies" I've gone to Rio Grande but there also Otto Frei that comes highly recommended - I'll try them next time.

And of course - there's a lot of supplier tables at the OKCA knife show. Nothing beats seeing before you buy!

A Few Oregon Bladesmiths...

Wayne Goddard is my mentor - we need to get him back on the web. The $50 Knife Shop and The Wonder of Knifemaking - now in its 2nd Edition - are invaluable resources.

Jeff Crowner makes survival/tactical blades that perform. If one of my kids were heading into the wild - or a theater of war - I'd make sure he had one of Jeff's knives with him. They are that good.

Ray Richard puts out honest knives that are so beautifully executed they win show awards.

Eric Ochs's knives are made to look good, work good, and feel good - with a dedication to testing, performance, and durability.

Jim Allen is another award winner just over the mountains. Friendly folks. Blades with beauty and workmanship that always stop me at their table.

Chuck Richards does excellent work. The website gallery is a little tweaky (as of May/2010) but persevere and you will be rewarded.

Gene Martin not only makes great knives - he's a great guy - make sure you drop by the Provision Forge table at the next show.

And we have some impressive practitioners of Japanese bladesmithing in the area:

Michael Bell & Family. You can't talk Oregon bladesmithing without Dragonfly Forge. Here's a straight link into their gallery - enjoy!

Murray Carter is traditionally trained in Japanese bladesmithing. He and Wayne are the only ABS Master Smiths currently residing in Oregon.

And Beyond...

Bob Kramer. I've made a couple of kitchen blades and want to make a lot more. Bob is a role model.

Andrew Jordan - marvelous work deconstructing and recreating saexes from the Migration Period. And more - but I have a thing for saexes.

Jake Powning. You must see this site. Bookmark the tutorials. Revel in the blades. Rejoice in Celtic and Viking arts reborn!

For More Links:

See the last couple of pages of the 5160 Newsletters.